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So I went black friday shopping.  Starting at midnight until 8 a.m.  I’ll be honest, I can’t roll like that anymore.  I heard a rumor that the rest of Friday happened, but I wouldn’t know.  However we snagged some good deals and had lots of laughs as a group.

So today I’ll attempt to cyber shop.  In the past Cyber Monday hasn’t impressed me much, but I’ve seen some good deals this year.  This being a cooking blog,  I thought it would be appropriate to make a list of my favorite kitchen items.  I think any of them would make a wonderful holiday gift.

1.  Silpat:

If you’ve read my blog for any length of time, it’s clear I love my Silpats.  They are silicone non-stick baking mats that fit on your cookie sheet.  They make clean up a breeze, and they can be used for years.  I have quite a few and use them everyday.  I bake bread, roll out pie crust, bake cookies,and make biscuits on my Silpat, almost anything can be baked on these babies.

2.  Immersion Blender:

Another kitchen tool that I use all the time to make smoothies or puree soup or make pesto.  It’s great for people that are health conscious, smoothies are very popular and it’s such a handy tool to have.  I love not having to clean up the big blender.

3.  Dowel Rolling Pin:

It’s big, heavy and perfect in case of intruders.  But really, it is nice and weighty to help you roll out your crusts or sugar cookies.  It is extra long which makes it easier to roll out large pieces of dough.

4.  Kitchen Scale:

My top kitchen tip is weighing your ingredients when baking.  This is the exact scale I have had for over 10 years and it is still going strong.  It also would be appropriate for people interested in portion control.

5.  Cast Iron Skillet:

My cast iron skillet has a permanent spot on the stove.  Not only because I use it everyday, but also because my 14″ massive skillet is too big for the cabinet :).  But they come in all sizes, down to a teeny tiny cast iron skillet perfect for one.

6.  Giant Pyrex Measuring Cups:

I have a 1 quart measuring cup that is used daily.  I use it to melt down coconut oil, butter, or chocolate.  I can mix all the wet ingredients for a recipe in just one container.  Mine came with a cover that I can use to store leftover chocolate yogurt glaze.  In fact I can even make an entire batch of brownies in my pyrex.  I just realized there is a larger 2 quart (8 cup) Pyrex measuring cup.  My Christmas list is growing.

7.  Teflon Free Frying Pans:

I stopped using teflon coated pans a few years ago, when these pans were still much more expensive!  I’m very excited to see teflon, PTFE and PFOA free pans at reasonable prices.

8.  Microplane:

There is nothing more refreshing than a zest of lemon or orange in recipe.  Use it to make a dessert that much fancier with a shaving of chocolate.  I even use mine to grate cheese if my other graters are in the dishwasher.

9.  Bench Scraper:

Not only is this an essential kitchen tool for baking, I use it to clean the counters.  It’s perfect to scrape up bits of ravioli or gnocchi dough.  I also use this to transfer piles of chopped veggies to the pan.

10.  Alaskan Ulu with Chopping Bowl:

Gift for the foodie who has everything?  My parents brought me one from their trip to Alaska, but I’m happy to see it is easily available to everyone.  Not only is the set beautiful to look at, but the design is perfect for easy chopping.

11.  Silicone Baking Pans:

I have the 15 cavity tartlet pan, which of course I can use to make tartlettes or even for extra mini cupcakes.  I also have a mini loaf pan which is great for making banana bread to share.  These silicone pans come in all shapes and sizes:  muffin, cake, brownies, bread, hearts, ovals…  They are great because they eliminate the need for parchment paper or muffin liners.  The baked goods just pop right out.

12.  10″ Bread Knife:

Yes, I know every knife set comes with a bread knife.  I promise it is worth it to have two.  This 10″ knife has tinier serrations that cut more smoothly through everything.

13.  Assorted Dishers (Scoops):

Want to make uniform cookies, evenly divide muffin batter, or just scoop ice cream easier?  These dishers are perfect for so many kitchen tasks.

14.  Stainless Steel Lunch Containers:

This is a bonus item, since I don’t actually have it.  But they may find their way into a stocking this year!  These beautiful Eco-friendly containers eliminate the need for plastic.  They even have options for stainless steel condiments containers.  I love bento lunch ideas, and I have plans to make some just as soon as I have the proper containers to make it work.  Curious about bento?  Just One Cookbook has a great tutorial on traditional bento.  I think this would make a great gift for anyone who has to bring a lunch to work.

Good luck on your cyber Monday holiday shopping!


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  1. I stay away from retail stores on black Fridays. Don’t want to risk getting trampled on! I love immersion blenders! I can’t live without mine.

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