Pistachio Drop Scones with Blueberry Compote at The Well Floured Kitchen

Pistachio Drop Scones with Blueberry Compote

I can’t believe it’s the end of August already!  This marks one year of doing Mystery Dish – I’ve had so much fun since the very first month when I made Cheddar Bacon Monkey Bread.  We are celebrating our 1 year anniversary with a giveaway- more on that in a bit.  Even though Mystery Dish… 

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Taco Grilled Cheese with Avocado and Black Beans at The Well Floured Kitchen

Taco Grilled Cheese

  It’s Taco Tuesday!  Okay, maybe you don’t have a child obsessed with the Lego movie?  Is that not a common phrase at your home?  I am not completely sure if that expression came from the movie, or it existed before.  It’s fun to say and a favorite at our house.  But it really doesn’t… 

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Double Chocolate Spelt Muffins at The Well Floured Kitchen #muffins #breakfast #spelt

Double Chocolate Spelt Muffins

A moist double chocolate muffin made with coconut oil and whole spelt flour.  Healthy and delicious. Muffins are my go to breakfast, lunch, or snack.  They are the most versatile little baked treat, and they please the whole family.  How can I go wrong?  When I made these on a whim I knew they had… 

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Cherry Galette with Whole Wheat Almond Sour Cream Crust at The Well Floured Kitchen #dessert

Cherry Galettes with Almond Sour Cream Crust

Another month has passed and it’s time for Mystery Dish!  This month’s host was Sarah at The Pajama Chef.  She put together an great list of items including:  coffee, sour cream, farro, almonds, cherries, watermelon, cantaloupe, jicama, cucumber, tomatoes, flavored oils, herbs, cornmeal and hot peppers.  Since cherries are one of the few fruits I… 

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Chocolate Peanut Butter Hot Fudge Sauce made without corn syrup and natural peanut butter at The Well Floured Kitchen

Chocolate Peanut Butter Hot Fudge Sauce and a Giveaway!

A rich dark peanut butter hot fudge sauce, made with natural peanut butter and without corn syrup.  Perfect to drizzle over ice cream. Okay, so I know I mentioned that ice cream isn’t my favorite dessert.  But I am all about the chocolate toppings.  Warm only please, none of that cold chocolate syrup for me. … 

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